In Situ Onsite Machining India


We at SP INSITU are equipped with specially developed portable toolings and grinding attachments and travel at short notice to undertake and execute complex work INSITU, even in the most confined and demanding conditions.

Below given are some of our portable INSITU attachments available to execute onsite repairs. Further, according to the nature and complexity of repair to be done on your machinery, portable INSITU attachments can be designed and fabricated at short notice.


1. LASER TRACKER for Laser Survey, Inspection and Alignment Upto 160 meters diametrically
2. INSITU Plano-Milling Machine of Flat Beds/Machine Bases Upto any length and width
3. INSITU Trunnion Journal Grinding Machines + Upto 3200 Journal Diameter & any length
4. INSITU Shaft Journal Tooling and Grinding Machines Upto 3000mm Diameter & any length
5. INSITU Boring Machines – Tooling & Grinding Upto 4000mm Diameter & any length
6. INSITU Flange Facing, Tube Sheet Facing Machines Upto 7000mm Diameter
7. INSITU Key-way Cutting Machines Any size and length
8. INSITU Grinding Machine for Turbine Rotor Thrust Disc For all Turbine size
9. INSITU Crank-pin Grinding Machines From 110 to 800mm Diameter
10. INSITU Line Boring Machines for Diesel Engines Extendable to any Dia & Length
11. INSITU Liner Honing Machines Upto 2000mm Diameter & any Length
12. INSITU Shaft Thread Cutting Machines Upto 1000mm Diameter
13. INSITU Bore Thread Cutting Machines Upto 1500mm Diameter
14. INSITU Kiln Support Rollar/Tyre Grinding Machines Upto any size
15. INSITU Drilling / Deep Hole drilling Machines Upto any Length
16. Metal-stitch Repair Kits for Repair of Cracks  5 Kits to carryout any cracked housings,gear-boxes,engine frames