In Situ Onsite Machining India


This is a process by which Machine Bases or Beds and Foundation Plates and Seating Bases, can be machined by INSITU PLANO MILLING. This is a process to correct the Worn-out surfaces and thus improve the surface flatness for proper seating. There is no restriction of size, which means any size of any length can be INSITU Machined by us at your site. We use LASER TRACKER ALIGNMENT device to mount our machine and to verify the quality of work after completion of work.

Before Insitu grinding-Thermal Industry

This is a process by which Raw Mill/Cement Mill Trunnion Journals can be repaired by INSITU machining at site. The scorings formed over a period of time, can be removed and the Trunnion Journal diameter will be undersized to standard diametrical tolerances as per OEM's specification. The Trunnion Journal will be stationary while our INSITU attachment will rotate around to effect grinding. This will generate true spherical surface. Using this state of art INSITU machine, any shafts upto 3200mm diameter can be INSITU machined/ground

Before Insitu grinding-Thermal Industry

RawMill Trunnion Journal (FLSmidth Make-Dia 1300mm)in a Thermal Power Plant -Before INSITU Grinding
Raw Mill trunnion journal grinding in progress

Raw Mill Trunnion Journal (FlSmidth Make)-INSITU Grinding in Progress
After Insitu trunnion journal grinding

RawMill Trunnion Journal (FLSmidth Make) -After INSITU Grinding
Insitu trunnion journal before grinding-Cement Industry

RawMill Trunnion Journal (KCP Make-Dia 1450mm)in a Cement Industry -Before INSITU Grinding
trunnion journal-After grinding

RawMill Trunnion Journal (KCP Make) -After INSITU Grinding

3. INSITU Shaft Journal Tooling and Grinding
Any shaft journal from MG Cylinder Journal of Paper Machine to Axles of tracks of Bucket Wheel Excavators, ID fan Shaft Journals to Gear-Box Drive shaft journals to any Pump Shaft journals, can be INSITU Machined and Ground at site to required tolerances without dismantling or removal from position. We are equipped to machine shafts upto 2500mm diameter.

Bucket wheel excavator-Insitu grinding Mining Industry

Bucket Wheel Exchavator 1357 Hollow Axle (Dia 700 X 2000mm Length)-After INSITU Grinding in a Mining Industry
Cylinder Journal-Insitu machining Paper Industry

MG Cylinder Journal of Paper Machine-During INSITU Machining in a Paper Industry

4. INSITU Boring – Tooling & Grinding
Any Bores or Housings from Vertical Raw Mill Rocker Arm co-axial Housing to Gyratory Crusher Top and Bottom shell Seats can be INSITU machined and ground to required tolerances. Bores upto 4000mm diameter can be INSITU machined/ground.

Insitu boring-cement industry

INSITU Boring of Roller Press Blind Bore of size Diameter 300mm
and Length 5000mm. The bore was oversized using a specially designed
INSITU Machine which is first of its kind and was never ever carriedout INSITU
Insitu boring-cement industry

INSITU Boring-Vertical Raw Mill Rocker Arm co-axial Housing in a Cement Industry
Insitu boring-Bucket wheel excavators

INSITU Boring & Facing-Slew Drive Gear-box seating bore (Dia 1000mm) of Bucket Wheel Excavators.
Insitu boring-mining industry

INSITU Boring & Facing of Gyratory Crusher Taper Seat (Dia 2000mm)in Mining Industy


5. INSITU Flange Facing &Tube Sheet Facing
The Gasket Seating Face of huge Flanges and Tube Sheet Flanges can be INSITU machined in position. INSITU Grinding of faces are also possible with an additional attachment, if required. We can handle flanges upto 7000mm in diameter.

INSITU Flange Facing of Dome End-Cover (Dia 1300mm) in progress at a petrochemical Industry

INSITU Flange Facing of Shell Flange(Dia 1300mm) in Progress in a Petrochemical Industry
Insitu flange facing-petrochemical industry

INSITU Flange Facing (Dia400mm)-Manway flange-Petrochemical Industry

INSITU Flange Facing of Ammonia Condenser in a Fertilizer Industry


6. INSITU Key-way Cutting
Any damaged or new Key-ways or Key-slots can be cut INSITU on any shafts. Key-ways upto 2000mm length can be cut. Internal key slots can also be machined, if required.

Onsite key-way machining

INSITU Machining of Key-way in MG cylinder Journal in a Paper Industry
On site roller shaft machining

INSITU Machining of Roller shafts in a Steel Industry


7. INSITU Grinding of Turbine Rotor Thrust Disc/Collar
This is a specially designed INSITU Grinding Machine for Grinding of Thrust Collar Discs of Turbine Shafts of any size. The Thrust collar in Turbine shafts, if damaged can be corrected in position without dismantling / disturbing the turbine rotor.

INSITU Grinding of 60MW Turbine Rotor Thrust Collar in a Thermal Power Plant of TNEB

INSITU Grinding of 110MW Turbine Rotor Thrust Collar-at a Thermal Power Plant of PSEB


8. INSITU Crank-pin Grinding
Any damaged Crank-pins of Diesel Engines can be repaired INSITU without dismantling the crank-shaft from the crank-case. Grinding will be done to the next undersize and suitable undersize bearings may be used further.

Insitu crank pin grinding

INSITU Crank-pin Grinding – Before & After


9. INSITU Line Boring of Diesel Engines
Any damaged Main Housing of crack-case in Diesel Engines can be repaired using this equipment. Also, any co-axial bores like VRM Mill Rocker Arm co-axial housings can also be INSITU machined at site. INSITU Line-Boring to any length can be carriedout to standard tolerances.

Insitu line boring of diesel engines

INSITU Line-Boring of Main Housing of SKL 1100KVA Diesel Engine


10. INSITU Liner Honing
Liners of Marine and Land based Diesel engines can be honed INSITU.

Insitu liner honing

INSITU Honning of Marine Main Engine Liner-Before & After


11. INSITU Shaft Thread Cutting
The Damaged Threads on Large Shafts of any pitch can be repaired and as well, new threads too can me machined. The shaft will be stationary while our Shaft Turning machine with Threading attachment will be mounted on the shaft to cut new threads. Threads can be cut on shafts upto 2000mm diameter.

Insitu shaft thread cutting

INSITU Repair of damaged Threads of Super Heavy Duty Crusher in a Mining Industry


12. INSITU Bore Thread Cutting
The Damaged Threads on Bores or large stud holes of any pitch can be repaired INSITU and new threads if required can be cut too.

Insitu bore thread cutting

INSITU Thread Cutting in Stud-hole of Ammonia Reactor in a Fertilizer Industry


13. INSITU Kiln Support Rollar/Tyre Grinding
Kiln tyres and support rollers can be ground in position while in operation. The In-let and out-let seal seat areas too can be INSITU machined

Kiln support or rollar grinding

INSITU Machining of seal face location areas in a Cement Industry


14. INSITU Drilling / Deep Hole drilling
Deep Hole drilling in any plane and any length can be carried out INSITU.

Insitu drilling

INSITU Deep Drilling/Boring in Progress
Insitu deep hole drilling

INSITU Deep Drilling/Boring in Progress


15. METAL-STITCH of cracked cast-iron, cast steel and aluminium bodies
Complete and reliable solution for cracked or broken casings made of cast iron and aluminium casings. METAL-STITCH is an innovative and highly skilled process of repair for cracked or broken cast-iron, cast-steel and aluminium bodies and housings.

Cracked Cummins 380 KVA Engine block, damaged due to Con-rod failure, before repairs.

Cracked Cummins Engine block after repairs by METAL-STITCH

Skoda 2270 KVA Inlet casings repaired by METALSTITCH

DP Crack test Shows crack in liver collar seating area in SKL 1100 KVA Engine Block

The liver collar seating area of SKL 1100 KVA Engine Block after METAL-STITCH.

The METAL-STITCHED areas are being machined finally to facilitate perfect seating of Liner Collar

Crack in SKL 1100 KVA

Cylinder heads repaired by METAL-STITCH

Cummins 380 KVA Engine block damaged due to con-rod failure shown.

The damage was repaid by fixing a new C.I. plate,followed by METAL-STITCH and D.P.Test

A marine Aux. Engine of Daihatsu 625 KVA Crank-Case was damaged due to con-rod failure,is shown.

The damage is rectified by METAL-STITCH