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    Over the years, we at SP INSITU, have excelled in quality creating many bench marks and are always dedicated in delivering high quality service to all our customers. With over many critical and emergency machining repair assignments carried out by us, we have identified the areas within our company which are vital in maintaining high quality standards.


“To provide high quality and timely services with new solutions through custom design and manufacturing in accordance with best engineering practices.”


“To provide quality service to customers by achieving customer satisfaction and self development of employees through new solutions and manufacturing excellence.”


We will:
* Act with honesty and integrity.
* Treat our customers with respect.
* Accept responsibilities.
* Strive for customer satisfaction.
* Improve and innovate continuously.
* Never be wasteful.
* Always work efficiently.

About Us


Our primary reason for success is our smart and good personnel, who are our prime assets. We choose them very carefully and impart training for not just to carryout assignments individually, but also to make them think innovatively. This innovative thinking in design and execution using the best engineering practices has won us the satisfaction of many customers.


Though working individually on assignments is a part of on-site work, we at SP INSITU, know that team-working is required to complete each assignment. We have always considered the customer as a part of our team, and have succeeded in making the customer feel the same in return through our involvement in planning ahead and our timely and emergency services thus minimizing production downtime.


Our innovative thinking developed over years have made us constantly re-design, update and in-fact invent new ways of providing a better machining solutions to our customers. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM techniques, our new range of INSITU equipments are now sturdier, lightweight, portable and much faster in metal removal. These indigenously designed equipments have made us proud and the repeated accuracy achieved each time is never an accident with our state of art equipments.

Why Us

Why SP Insitu

As information is very vital, we manage a database of information of various equipments for our personnel to access. In most cases, we mobilize to site based on the customer's information and hence try to gather most. Understanding is another factor that has taken us close to customer satisfaction, by avoiding costly delays due to smallest error in the information. Therefore, we always look for ways to speed up the flow of information. We ensure all our information is checked for accuracy with our database.

Research & Up-gradation

Research and up-gradation is very vital in achieving high quality standards. Our visualization of problem and better communication with customers and within ourselves has made us do extensive research and constantly up-grade our equipments. This has made us achieve best machining standards through which we satisfy ourselves before we satisfy the customer.

Quality System

Quality has to be constantly worked at to get the best results. We have come to know what our customers want and we continually change our system in order to serve their needs better. Our past performance record and our long term customers serve as proof of the effectiveness of our quality system.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our prime objective. We at SP INSITU, strive to achieve that at all costs. Over the years, this has driven us to make many changes in order to evolve as a 'Customer Satisfaction' oriented organization, solving all their INSITU machining problems and rising to the occasion whenever they are in need.

The main changes that we have incorporated over due course of time includes the following:

> Better understanding of customer problems

> Continuous Research and Up-gradation of equipments

> Better Quality systems

> Quick and timely services