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We are glad to inform you that we have expanded our INSITU services to Laser Survey and Alignment Services. With our FARO LASER TRACKER Vantage S, we can carryout Laser Survey, Alignment and Inspection with unlimited possibiliHes.

With our LASER TRACKER-VANTAGE S Model, we offer services such as 3D Geometrical Inspection Surface, Profile Inspection of Critical Components, Portable CMM Inspection (Onsite) of Heavy Plant Machineries, Surface Table / Base plate / Machine base – levelling and Alignment, CNC Machine Calibration (Linear Axis), Industrial Layout Marking, Assembly Line Inspection together with Alignment and Installation, Ship Building and Railways, Inspection for Heavy Engineering and Fabrication Applications, Windmill Installations, Aerospace Related Inspection and innumerable other applications.

Faro Laser Tracker (Laser Tracking Services):
We SP INSITU, now have procured this state-of-art Faro Laser Tracker CMM, which is a portable, high precision coordinate measurement system. The Laser Tracker CMM is a combinaHon of Interferometer based laser opHcs with state-of-the-art Servo Control Technology to measure the posiHon of a target relaHve to the tracker. Tracker also contains unique “Absolute ADM” system for enhanced flexibility.

With the CAM 2 (2020) so^ware provided, we can carryout real-Hme measurement during assembly which confirms tolerances and improve quality control, set up virtual axis, monitor the movement of a part with an accuracy of 6 microns/meter and measurable up to 80 meters with 3D CAD model comparison.

What is a Laser Tracker?
If you have not heard of this term, we wish to share with you the details of this next generation high level accurate measuring device, its features and how it assists industrial needs and solutions. The Laser Tracker is an instrument which is used to very accurately measure objects that are large in size and beyond the normal optical range. The optical position of these large objects needs to be determined and Laser trackers do exactly the same. They measure their position against the opHcal trackers. The normal accuracy of laser trackers is usually 0.018 mm.

Laser trackers are most extensively used in automation and aerospace industry. These laser trackers comprise of very complex components, namely angular encoders and Distance Meter. Trackers are known to have a single measuring capability of up to 0.0001 millimeters. A single operator with Laser Tracker, can collect data at very high speed. This in turn can make manufacturing methods offer a very high level of performance which is possible only due to the Laser Trackers.

Laser Tracker as against other instruments:
While there are many instruments available that can be used for such measurement purposes, each one of these instruments is specifically designed for certain types of applications only. For instance, CMM, which stands for Coordinate Measuring Machines, can carry out multiple measurements at a very high speed and with complete accuracy. But the constraint in normal CMM measuring device is that they are immovable, and they have a very limited range of measurement, apart from being very costly. All these limitations can be overcome with our latest FARO LASER TRACKER to meet the measurement requirements in a modern industry with its range of 160 meters diametrically.

Use of Laser Tracker in Industry:
These devices are more popularly used for inspection of Small to Large-sized Mechanical Components, where there is more emphasis on high speed and accurate performance. This is the reason Laser Trackers are more in widely used to measure to large size components and has overtaken conventional systems of measurement. With the use of FARO LASER TRACKER, there is no constraint or limitation with respect to size, speed and range. Virtually, any component or application can be measured AT SITE (INSITU).


Area of Application:
• 3D Geometrical inspection Surface / Profile inspection
• Portable CMM inspection (Onsite) of heavy plant machineries
• Surface Table / Base plate/ Machine base – levelling and Alignment
• CNC Machine Calibration (Linear Axis)
• Industrial Layout Marking
• Assembly Line Inspection, Alignment and Installation.
• Ship Building and Railways.
• Inspection for Heavy Engineering and fabrication applications.
• Windmill installations.
• Aerospace Related Inspection.


Length 2-5m (6.6-16.4ft) 2-10m (6.6-32.8ft) 2-25m (6.6-65.6ft) 2-80m (6.6-262.5ft)
Distance 3m (9.8ft) 8m (26.2ft) 23m (75.5ft) 78m (255.9ft)
MPE 0.018mm (0.0007”) 0.022mm (0.0009”) 0.034mm (0.0013’’) 0.078mm (0.0031”)
Typical 0.009mm (0.0004”) 0.011mm (0.0004”) 0.017mm (0.0007’’) 0.039mm (0.0015”)

· Measurements Range (Diametrically) : 160 m (525 ft)
· Angular Accuracy : ±20 μm + 5 μm/m (0.00079in + 0.00006in/ft)
· OperatingTemperature : -15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)
· Relative Humidity : 0 to 95% non-condensing
· Altitude : -700 to 9,000m (-2,297 to 29,527ft)^d
· Max Angular Acceleration : 860°/sec2 (15 rads/sec2)
· Max Angular Velocity : 180°/sec (π rads/sec)

Rotational Envelope: · Horizontal : 360° – Infinite rotation
· Vertical : 130° (+77.9° to -52.1°) – Infinite rotation

Apart from Laser Survey, we offer INSITU Machining and Repair Solutions for various Industries and are capable of carrying-out any complex INSITU MACHINING AND REPAIR SOLUTIONS together with LASER SURVEY.