In Situ Onsite Machining India

Success Story 1


This is a process by which Raw Mill/Cement Mill Trunnion Journals can be repaired by INSITU machining at site. The scorings formed over a period of time, can be removed and the Trunnion Journal diameter will be undersized to standard diametrical tolerances as per OEM's specification. The Trunnion Journal will be stationary while our INSITU attachment will rotate around to effect grinding. This will generate true spherical surface. Using this state of art INSITU machine, any shafts upto 3200mm diameter can be INSITU machined/ground.

Success Story 2

INSITU Shaft Journal Tooling and Grinding

Any shaft journal from MG Cylinder Journal of Paper Machine to Axles of tracks of Bucket Wheel Excavators, ID fan Shaft Journals to Gear-Box Drive shaft journals to any Pump Shaft journals, can be INSITU Machined and Ground at site to required tolerances without dismantling or removal from position. We are equipped to machine shafts upto 2500mm diameter.

Success Story 3

INSITU repairs to bottom shell of Gyratory Secondary crusher

The challenging part of this job is not only flange facing, but also INSITU drilling. The weight of bottom shell is 50 tons and the diameter of shell being 2 m. The seating area was initially machined and then built-up by welding. Finally the taper seating area was machined accurately to 5 degree angle with the tolerance of 10 minutes. Further the Hydroset seating surface of diameter 1.2m was also machined and lapped, followed by INSITU drilling. Drilling was done to enlarge the existing holes of diameter 40mm. Nearly 30 stud holes were enlarged. The note worthy aspect of this job is that the machining of taper seating area should be done in such a way that when matched with the top shell the recess between the top and bottom shell should be 6mm to 8mm only. Having done this successfully, we boost that we are the only company to have done this job to the maximum accuracy in flange facing and INSITU drilling, which the others have failed to achieve.

Success Story 4

INSITU Key-way cutting of MG cylinder journal is illustrated in photograph

MG cylinder of dia 4.5m X 4.5m width having a drive end shaft of size 450mm X 700mm width, has a key way of 60mm. This key slot was damaged and was a recurring problem, hampering the performance of the Paper Machine. We were called for to rectify this damage. A special key-way cutting attachment was designed at a very short time. The old key-slot was widened to accommodate a larger key width, thus a key slot of 65mm X 700mm length key slot was cut. The whole assignment was carried out in a record time of 48 hours.

Success Story 5

INSITU Boring Of Fuller Loesche Mill Stand Housing Of Vertical Roller Mill (LM 34.400)

The Mill Stand Housing of Fuller Loesche LM 34.400 Vertical Roller Mill which houses 2 nos. Spherical Roller Bearings No.24056 BMB C2 on either side for Rocker Arm assembly, was worn out by 3mm. We were called for to rectify the same. We immediately came up with a portable INSITU Boring Machine to accommodate the bore size of 420mm and length 1800mm. On alignment of our INSITU machine, the bore was initially pre-machined, which was followed by build up by welding and was again machined to standard size with H7 tolerance to accommodate the bearing 24056 BMB C2 of dia 420mm. Though, as per H7, we had sufficient wide tolerance, we achieved a more precise dimension within a tolerance of 0.02mm. the Rocker Arm with new bearings were assembled and found their performance satisfactory.

Success Story 6

INSITU machining of rotary kiln

One of HF reactor rotary kiln of dia2.5mX2.0m length was taken-up for major repairs due to corrosion of reactor to an extent of 4m in the middle, which required replacement. Further the customer wanted to extend the kiln length from existing 20m to 25m. In the process the run-out on either side of HF Reactor Front and Rear end process seal areas, was likely to exceed beyond 0.5mm,which was the max limit. The expertise of SP INSITU was called for to machine-out the excess run-out of 5mm on both end process seal locations areas. The front and rear end seal location of areas of OD 2020mm and ID 1120mm were machined using our INSITU machine to an accuracy of 0.2mm run-out as against the required 0.5mm. The work was executed to the entire satisfaction of customers, not to mention that we are the only Indian Company to have ever executed such critical work

Success Story 7

INSITU journal machining of M.G.cylinder of Paper Machine being carried out is illustrated below

M.G.Cylinder is of dia 4.5m X 4.5m width and has a journal of size dia 450mmX450mm width, weighing around 60 tons. The drive end journal was damaged to an extent of 5mm deep scorings, due to seizure of its anti-friction bearing.

A special attachment was designed to accommodate its width of 450mm. Then, the journal was machined and undersized by 5mm on dia. The critical aspect of this job is to execute this job is to execute this job without effecting the original centre-axis of the cylinder. The work was executed to the entire satisfaction of the customer and their tolerance requirement of 0.02mm on dia. of 4.5m was achieved. The work was executed in a record time of 36 hrs.

Success Story 8

INSITU repair of flame torched cylinder heads of Mirrlees Blackstone 6MW DG set.

Many 6MW DG cylinder heads were damaged due to flame torching in areas, where the exhaust valve cage assembly sits. The manufacturer has recommended these as irrepairable and to be replaced with new heads, involving huge costs. We were called for our suggestions. We, at SP INSITU, studied the damage and agreed to repair all 4 of such heads, without using welding. Though the work was very critical due to space constraint, we designed a very special boring and threading attachment, for this work, which is very unique of its kind to all other earlier boring units. The repair was carried out by fixing of threaded cast-iron sleeve of grade 30, which is similar to the parent material, followed by final boring and lapping for perfect seating of valve cage assembly. The work was carried out to the first time in India, such type of work has been carried-out and is the only repair solution to flame torched cylinder heads.

Success Story 9

INSITU Turning & Thread Cutting of Head Shaft Unit of Super Heavy Duty Crusher

The Head Shaft Unit of Super Heavy Duty Crusher houses the mantle sleeve around it and the threads found on the top portion of the shaft of D 230 X L 210 X 4 TPI, are used to lock the mantle sleeve in place. These threads were damaged partially to a length of 50mm. We were called to repair the same and we took up the challenging task of rectification of damaged threads. Such INSITU repairs of Threads were never ever done in the past and was the first of its kind ever attempted. We quickly came up with a solution. We designed a portable Journal Turning machine or Portable Lathe machine that can cut threads too, powered by double planetary gear box which delivers nearly 1000 NM of torque. We aligned our INSITU machine to the Head Shaft and the damaged threads were machined off. This was followed by building up by welding. Once built up, the portion was plain turned to the nominal crest diameter of the original threads. This was followed by forming new threads of 4 TPI, such that the lead of the thread together with the pitch matches with that of undamaged threads on either side resulting in formation of continuous 'V' threads. This was a notable assignment.

Success Story 10

INSITU Repair of 1000KVA Cummins 'V' type engine block

Cummins engine worth of about a crore rupees was saved by SP INSITU. The damages was due to connecting rod failure. The bottom liner seating area was damaged and the 'O' ring seating area was completely damaged. SP INSITU was called when none other in India could repair this. SP INSITU carried out this work with innovative skills without using welding. After repair the block was tested for leakages under load and the customer was entirely satisfied with performance, till date. This is one such example of our commitment to the customer to get the work done however complicated, the repair is and put their machineries, back in action, in no time.

Success Story 11

INSITU Machining in Roughening Mill Exit Side Housing Feed Roll Block and Wear Plates

Due to prolonged usage, the Mill Body Thread Holes of size M48 X 4mm of quantity 28Nos were damaged. We were offered the contract to repair the same. We at SP INSITU designed a special Drill cum Tapping Machine to drill upto Dia 75mm and carryout Tapping in single set-up.
A total of 28 number of holes were drilled and tapped to fix pre-fabricated threaded inserts of Dia 64 X 2mm.
This was followed by Drilling and reaming of new holes for 12 dowel pins on the feed roll blocks and wear plates were done. The entire work carried out to the satisfaction of the customer.

A special attachment was designed to accommodate its width of 450mm. Then, the journal was machined and undersized by 5mm on dia. The critical aspect of this job is to execute this job is to execute this job without effecting the original centre-axis of the cylinder. The work was executed to the entire satisfaction of the customer and their tolerance requirement of 0.02mm on dia. of 4.5m was achieved. The work was executed in a record time of 36 hrs.

Success Story 12

INSITU Grinding Of Tyre Thrust Face

The damaged Kiln Tyre Thrust Face was repaired by SP INSITU at site during operation of kiln. The Tyre thrust face of diameter 5220x face width of 190mm, was INSITU machined initially by single pointed tool and finally by INSITU Grinding. A flatness of 0.2 was achieved on the diameter of 5220 and uniform flat surface was achieved to effect good contact with the thrust roller.