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sp insitu is now firmly established and has a major presence in India as the one and only organization offering innovative and sophisticated INSITU / ONSITE machining and repair solutions with a wide range of services to almost every industrial machinery, irrespective of size and weight, avoiding transportation of these heavy machinery parts to far-off workshops, thus saving valuable time and cost to customers with less down-time and nil replacement costs. To every industrial sector, we provide tailor-made INSITU machining repair solutions to suit customer's requirements. We provide a total package of on-site services to our customers and offer Turn-key solutions to their maintenance and breakdown problems.

Today, SP INSITU can execute any sort of complicated machining or grinding repairs on your machinery INSITU without dismantling or disturbing them from their position. They include right from Trunnion journals of Ball Mills in Cement Plants to MG Cylinder Journal Machining in Paper Industry to Thrust Collar Grinding and Boring of huge Turbine Casing of Turbines in Thermal Power Plants, to mention a few.

Thus, virtually any sort of complicated INSITU machining repairs can be carried out on virtually any machinery even in cases where they were termed as irreparable. We work with our customers to help reduce downtime, increase productivity and lower operating costs. We also offer our expertise and consultancy services to various industries to solve their recurring maintenance problems on any equipment. Based on the problems faced by our customers, we have established a wide range of IN-SITU / ON-SITE services, designed to restore the Plant Equipment to its original condition.


We have 'INSITU MACHINING SOLUTIONS' to cover every equipment in the entire spectrum of industries. We have offered our services to many customers in the following principal areas.

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